Instructions on how to install Umineko Project on Android (and other devices)

All credit goes to the people who ported Umineko and created this. I have no involvement in the project, I just wanted to create a guide to help people actually use and read this amazing port whichever way is convenient for them.

There are two ways to do this, however I believe installing it through Nyaa is a far easier option for Android and maybe PC. I'll provide both.

How to install via Umineko-Project website

  1. Obtain all the necessary files

  2. Extract the files

  3. Done!

How to install via Nyaa (Recommended for Android)

  1. Obtain the Data files, Resource Updates, and Base Scripts

  2. Download and Extraction Location (Important)

    Most issues arise from this step. Most common is the Invalid Launch Directory.

  3. Download the apk

    So at this point, You should have ONScripter-RU in your root internal storage with the Resource Updates and Base Scripts overwritten in. At this point all should be ready to work!

Frequently Encountered Issues

  1. Invalid Launch Directory when launching the app

    This is the case when you do not have the game files in a folder named ONScripter-RU which would be located in the root of your internal storage. Read Step 2 of Nyaa's Install.
  2. Lag and low performance

    You can limit the FPS, change hardware decoder settings, etc in the ons.cfg file. More details can be found in the spoiler of this forum and more such as controls and other options.

    To paraphrase, appending force-fps=30 will limit the FPS to 30fps, and hwdecoder=on will switch on hardware decoding. I will keep a text file just incase of the forum 404'ing. Here

Closing Note

If you have any issues, you're free to email me via

I might not respond right away, sorry. And if i get bothered one day, i'll add a guestbook here or the sort so theres a more instant form of communication with other people as well.